The Secret Behind My $167K... $310K... AND $1.5M Contract Wins And Getting Paid Without Doing The Work

  • ​How Government Contracting Works as the Middle Man: The simple (yet wildly important) steps to securing government contracts that generate passive income.
  • ​Finding, Bidding, and Winning the Contracts: The steps to secure multiple profitable contracts with the federal government without doing any of the work.
  • ​​Managing your contracts: A Government Contractor on average only works 1-1.5 hours a day... let me walk you through a day in the life. 
  • ​Plus: How to find subcontractors to do the work, FAQ's, key terms, my personal advice, and more!


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The government awarded $682 Billion in Government Contracts Last Year Alone...

And hundreds of Americans from all walks of life (including myself) are getting paid multiple streams of passive income for work that we're not doing, simply by being the middle man...

Just check out 3 of my most recent contracts:

This is a contract doing laundry for the barracks worth over $1.5 million every year since 2020 (during the pandemic) I’ve never seen these bed sheets a day in my life!
This is my contract for grease traps 
worth over $309,999.60 every year since 2019Getting paid for work I’m not doing.
This contract for a porta potty and hand washing station worth $167,400 per year for the last 3 years. You would never catch me moving a porta potty!
This eBook gives you the GAME PLAN on how to become financially free and live your best life. 

It's an insider's guide to searching, submitting, and securing government contracts!

Anyone Can Do This! 
You Don't Need Certification, A College Degree, Or Prior Experience To Earn Passive Income From Government Contracts

It's as simple as offering what the government needs, charging a competitive price, and subcontracting the work out while taking a cut of the profits.

You Just Have To Connect The Dots...

See, the government has a job or requirement.

And there are thousands of businesses out there that can be contracted to do the job.
You’re simply the “middleman” or “middlewoman” that links the two, and you get paid by putting your % on top!

This Ebook Is All About Guiding You Through It Step-By-Step

45 Pages, 15 Chapters

How Government Contracting Works as the Middle Man - An introduction to government contracting & the middleman strategy explained

Unlock the hidden world of federal deals and discover how, as the middleman, you can profit massively without getting your hands dirty.

Where to find government contracts!

Dive into the goldmine of opportunities as we reveal the top sources and platforms to locate lucrative government contracts waiting for you.

How to bid on government contracts

Master the art of the bid with insider strategies and step-by-step guidance to ensure your proposals stand out and win big!

How To WIN Government Contracts

Transform from a bidder to a winner with proven tactics and secrets that propel your proposals to the forefront of government selection.

How to find subcontractors to do the work

Unlock the streamlined approach to sourcing reliable subcontractors, ensuring you deliver on contracts without lifting a finger yourself.

Compliance And Legal Terms Explained

Navigate the intricate maze of government contracting with clarity as we demystify compliance requirements and crucial legal jargon.

BONUS: Key Terms And What They Mean

Supercharge your contracting vocabulary with this bonus guide, breaking down essential terms every middleman must know to thrive.

Answers to The most frequently asked questions when starting out!

Kickstart your journey with confidence as we tackle the burning questions every newcomer faces in the realm of government contracting.

Grab your copy of the  fast, simple and easy steps to becoming a government contract Middleman today!

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Today Only: $9.95!

Hundreds of Americans, Just Like You, Are Securing Life Changing Contracts Every Day

If it's working for them, why can't this work for you?

"Total value of our contracts is 400k and we won two more in two months!"
"Over 2.5 million in contracts because of you J White"
"6 Contracts in less than a year"

About The Author:

Jason White

Federal Government Expert / Speaker / Online Coach / Mentor / Father

I went from being in the military to working at a gas station to securing multi-million dollar government contracts.
...And you know what's special about me? Nothing! I'm just a regular dude who figured it out. I've got a PhD (my public high school diploma) and I just used my ability to apply common sense and basic knowledge to achieve the success I have today. 

And guess what? You can do it too. 

With a bit of consistency and the right skill set, anyone can succeed in this lucrative field, regardless of education or work experience. 

The government is ready to open doors for all! 

Ready to tap in?

There's Over 96,000 Contracts  With Your Name On Them Available To Bid On Every Single Day

The opportunity to secure government contracts and change your life is right in front of you.

Countless others have paved their way to success; now it's your time to shine.

So don't wait any longer, and rest assured, I'm with you every step of the way.

Let's dive into the world of government contracting together and make it happen for you!
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